Tea drinking for the Soul


With a distinct crispness to the air when we rise out of bed these days, two thoughts spring to mind each chilly morn: the soulfulness of winter is fast approaching where instinctively our bodies, minds and soul crave time to bunker in, rest and reflect, and secondly (ok maybe firstly!)…  where the heck are my Uggs!! Brrrrr.

Winter is considered a powerful time for spiritual growth and is when our Yin energy is heightened. It’s a soulful time of letting go and releasing, and working through our “stuff” to aid our preparation for the new beginnings and rebirth of beautiful spring.

For some, the winter months can be the time we expect to get colds and flus. I’m blessed that it’s a rare occurrence for me to get ill; colds and flus seem to bypass me and I have a staunch knowing that I don’t get sick. That said, since having a bub I’ve  had two pretty decent colds in 18months, which I can put down to my energy not being at its peak (hello: being awake at all hours of the night!), plus I think coming into mama-hood has naturally brought up LOTS of my personal stuff which illness shows I still need to work through. Aren’t our bodies amazing!

I wholeheartedly believe in the mind-body-spirit connection and that illness and dis-ease are either a reflection of our inner mind & the stuff we need to work through, or our bodies purging something, like old beliefs or letting go of something that is no longer serving us. But, let’s face it – when we are sick  – we are sick –  and we just need to feel better quickly!

A couple of things I believe our bodies and souls benefit from by adding to the holistic medicine basket for the upcoming months.

1. A good probiotic.

2. Throat & Tummy tea: 1 good squeeze of lemon // 1/2 a teaspoon of raw ginger (or ginger tea teabag) // 1/2 a teaspoon of honey // 1 cup of hot water.

3. A journal or trusted friend to nut things out with.


I’m not a naturopath or a health professional, just a health advocate and enjoy reading lots about nourishing our bodies. To me it makes sense that when our gut is in good health (the organ that does a hell of a lot of our fluid and food processing before it heads off to other organs and our blood) that the rest of our body and organs benefit and feel fab. Having all that good bacteria, to me, means that any bad bacteria for colds/flues etc will have to put up a big fight if it wants to makes it’s home in my body for a few days.


This tea blend is seriously delish, and personally the act of making tea from scratch and slowly taking my time to drink it is true mindfulness. This in itself is an act of self love and a form of meditation which is so good for the  busy mind and soul.

Spiritual perspective – why this tea really works:

We each have 7 chakras which are related to an area of our physical body and each related to an emotional issue / spiritual development (there are more chakras, but today i’ll keep it to the ones which govern our bodies). These energy systems become out of balance when we aren’t nourishing our body and soul, when we aren’t listening, instinctively, to our needs (physically and emotionally), when we hold on to negative beliefs or are unable to let go of our perceptions and stories which can hold us back from truly living from a place of peace and trust.

Our chakras are always changing and if one chakra is out of balance this will affect the whole.

Our third chakra is called the solar plexus, it governs the stomach area of our body and is related to our personal power; our sense of self worth, self-confidence and self esteem. The solar plexus is yellow in colour and represents our ability to feel, and be, confident and in control of our lives.

Our fifth chakra is called the throat chakra, no surprises that it governs our throat area! This chakra is all about our ability to communicate and express our truth (communication is not just verbal, this could be any form of expression). Green is the colour of the throat chakra.

This warming tea, not only soothes a sore throat and helps to settle a bloated or sore stomach but because the energy of this drink is yellow it’s an energetic match to your solar plexus – hence it nourishes that area of your body and soul. It’s the energetic equivalent to homeopathy.

Why would this help the throat chakra then? The throat chakra is green in colour, but because all of the chakras are connected, when you are speaking your truth and feel confident to do so this is the energy of your solar plexus coming through your throat chakra so you can communicate that.

The tea is supportive and nourishing, while filling up your energy with the good stuff.

From a medicinal perspective:

This lovely tasting tea is soothing and full of nourishment. Lemon helps to alkalise and energise your body. Lemons are also a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants, both of which aid the body in healing. Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, which for both a sore tummy or sore throat works perfectly. Honey has skin healing and antiseptic properties as well as antimicrobial agents, which help to prevent infections.

Talk about packing some punch in a lil old tea!


Whenever I feel a little niggle in my throat am I quick to ask myself one simple question: “Where in my life am I not communicating my truth.” It usually takes me only a brief moment to work out what is going on, and I either talk it out with a friend or coach,  or I journal about it. I can then decide what I need to do about being authentic. I may not “need’ to do anything, I may have just needed to express what I was feeling. I can honestly say, that in the last 10 years I have probably only had about 4 sore throats and they are gone within 24 hours of doing this process.

I’m not one to get stomach aches, but I know people who do and use the same method as above but with a slightly different question: “Where in my life am I giving away my personal power, or not allowing myself to be my authentic self.”

I would love to hear if you already drink this, or similar teas for chakra healing or throat soothing purposes. Or any other tips to help people during the cooler months stay healthy and nourished – both inside and out.

Enjoy your cuppa,

Catherine xox

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