Full Moon Circle

Moon pic

I run a sweet meditation circle every Sunday, and have done this on and off for nearly two years. I am mostly an extrovert and usually confident in public speaking…

So I was totally surprised when I my belly started to flutter like 100 butterflies were hatching inside as I began to welcome in all the beautiful women who said ‘Yes’ to my Full Moon Circle last month.

I had genuine nerves.

I had no expectations when I created this workshop, it was born out of pure inspiration. I do this type of ritual often when I am feeling the need to release and let go, and have done variations of this for more than 10 years.. I know the power of it (and the extra bonus power of the potent Full Moon energy) and I thought how cool it would be to guide others through this simple yet deeply soulful work.

Little did I know, as the warm glow of nerves bubbled up in my body that this workshop would facilitate genuine shifts and, dare I say, miraculous outcomes for the women this space was carved out for. Continue reading