How to chose Love over Fear..

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Over the past few months I have immersed myself in written and spoken words related to A Course in Miracles, mostly words by the wonderful student and teacher of the Course, Marianne Williamson.

I was honoured to see her speak last year, and while I had read part of her book A Return to Love years before, I’m reading it now with fresh eyes, and devouring all the wisdom she has to offer.

She talks a lot about Miracles being a shift in perception from fear to Love. She uses the language of the Course, which is written in traditional Christian language used in very untraditional ways. To be honest, these words resonate at the very core of who I am and I am loving it.

The Course talks about in every moment there are only two options: Love or fear. So you can choose to see, speak, act, remember or think through either of those lenses. It’s a choice and You are solely responsible, regardless of what is presented. Continue reading

Full Moon Circle

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I run a sweet meditation circle every Sunday, and have done this on and off for nearly two years. I am mostly an extrovert and usually confident in public speaking…

So I was totally surprised when I my belly started to flutter like 100 butterflies were hatching inside as I began to welcome in all the beautiful women who said ‘Yes’ to my Full Moon Circle last month.

I had genuine nerves.

I had no expectations when I created this workshop, it was born out of pure inspiration. I do this type of ritual often when I am feeling the need to release and let go, and have done variations of this for more than 10 years.. I know the power of it (and the extra bonus power of the potent Full Moon energy) and I thought how cool it would be to guide others through this simple yet deeply soulful work.

Little did I know, as the warm glow of nerves bubbled up in my body that this workshop would facilitate genuine shifts and, dare I say, miraculous outcomes for the women this space was carved out for. Continue reading