Radical. Acts. Of. Love.

Screen shot 2016-02-13 at 3.22.26 PMWhat if today we all did something truly Radical?

What if we ALL performed a Radical Act of Love. And by Radical, I mean just that. I really HUGE act or gesture which felt SO good you could bust. Which felt so freaking terrifying you felt your heart almost jumping out of your chest or you tummy about to implode? Which raised your vibration, and in doing so, raised the vibration of the collective in this beautiful place we live in?

The world needs this NOW.

Over the past few months there has been some big shifts for me. I attended a wonderful meditation retreat in my favorite place on earth, Byron Bay, late last year. While at the retreat I didn’t feel huge shifts, although I knew subtly things were changing. The week I returned I felt floaty, like I was in a dream until I heard the news about the Lebanon and Paris tragedies.

While I’d been meditating that week I had a few things bursting through the quiet of my mind to command my attention:

+ “Radical Acts of Love is what’s needed. From everyone.”

+ This means me too. “Step up, Sister – you know what to do.”

+ Words came to me about a letter I needed to write.

+ Healing happening, in the meditation. Heart cracking wide open.

“All you desire is unfolding.”

My quiet time hadn’t been too quiet. But I was totally inspired into action and since taking that big leap I have felt so FREE!


Before I talk about my own Radical Act of Love, I want to take a little back step to another psychic nudge I received while watching Frozen. Yes, the movie my 3 year old daughter has basically memorised word for word. Funnily enough, there is a most definite esoteric meaning (like with many fable type stories) happening within the melodramatic songs and scenes. You see, Elsa has a wonderful gift which is completely overridden because of FEAR. She has to isolate herself because she is so fearful and when her fear is heightened and she acts ‘based on her fear’ her actions cause real damaging effects – her sister being wounded by her icy blasts and the world around her literally being frozen.

Isn’t this just life, really? When we are living from a place of fear our whole world is impacted. Our relationships, what we attract into our lives. We feel like we are unable to live from an authentic space. We can’t be ourselves. We feel stressed and angry. We suffer. People around us suffer.

But when we are living from a place of true Love. Unconditional Love. We feel FREE. We attract the right people who are vibing on the same wave as us, the right opportunities just seem to appear, we feel happy and positive. And the outter world reflects that back to us.

Having little lightbulb moment during the 78th re-run of Frozen was apart of the proceeding journey I will share here..


Now… Radical Acts of Love..

What are they and how will they help, the world?

I believe, with each cell in my body, that how we going to create a world full of peace and abundance for all is through each and every one of us doing our own work. We are required, I believe, to look deep within us and clean up the inner violence, forgive and make peace with ourselves, extend a hand of hope to our highest self, to go deep and look at the hostile environment we have inside of ourselves; the negative beliefs, the judging thoughts inwards and outwards.

If you think about it on a simple level, people who perform horrific acts of violence are living from an incredible and desperately fearful place. How painful would that be? To live from that space, day in and day out. In constant fear. Look at Elsa (bless Frozen!), she was a good person, but her fears literally created anarchy.

Personally, I couldn’t bare to live from that space. People like that are so vulnerable and open to anything that looks like they might fit in, even if it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

But you don’t need to be performing horrific acts to be lowering the vibe of yourself and the unified consciousness we are all apart of. We are all connected. So when any of us thinks or says negative things we effect the whole. And, that just sucks!

My first BIG act

While meditating during this time I kept thinking about a particular relationship in my life that will be there forever, whether it’s good or bad. I kept getting a nudge to contact this person and offer unconditional love to the situation. No matter what the response was. I had to detach from that. This was HUGE for me. Only a few months earlier I had wanted to contact this person in a not-so-loving way – but even then I knew it wasn’t right, it would have just be a reaction and not come from an authentic space, so I held off until something better showed up.

After being completely inspired, again through meditation, one evening I sat down and powered through the hefty email I needed to write to this person in about 15 minutes. I showed my husband, and all he said was: “Woe. That’s Powerful.” Not long after I pressed send.

I felt, and still feel, so incredibly FREE. I wasn’t concerned with how it was received. What would happen next. Or if my email was even (or ever) responded to. I truly didn’t. Which again, was HUGE for me. I had completely detached.

That is serious freedom right there.

The words that poured out of me were sent with honesty, love, strength and grace. My work was done. The rest was in the hands of God, the Universe.

It felt so good. To do something with the pure intention of love, not concerning myself with ANY of the outcomes one would usually be stressing over.

This is for everyone.

Do you want to feel FREE?

Some suggestions from me to you:

+ Begin a meditation practice. Even just 5 minutes of mindful breathing before will do wonders.

+ Start to pray. Maybe you used to, but stopped for some reason. Maybe you’ve never prayed before. Prayer is a simple and it needn’t be complicated or associated with any religion. Start with a simple thank you for what you have in your life, or create a positive visual projection in your mind, ask for guidance.. keep it simple and direct. 

+ One of the most simplest and yet incredibly powerful acts you can do in times of stress and fear is to ask yourself “What would LOVE do right now?”

I would love to hear your thoughts on this post on Facebook or below. Do you think the world would be at peace if we all dealt with our stuff and started to consciously act from a place of LOVE?

Namaste gorgeous soul x x

2 thoughts on “Radical. Acts. Of. Love.

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how we find exactly what we need to find at exactly the right time.
    You, beautiful girl, are an inspiration. How I loved reading about your radical acts of love.
    You are so right in saying that the negativity that we choose to hang onto does not just affect us on a personal level but at a global level as well, as yes, we are all connected.
    Lovely to see one so young understanding and living these Universal laws. What an incredibly lucky young girl your daughter is to be able to grow up in such a loving, caring and nurturing environment.
    Another little goddess in the making.
    Love and light to you both

    • Oh how kind of you! Thank you for your insights as well. We are in an enlightened age where we have no choice but to choose to re-learn these core principles of living. For our good and the good of the broader community. Thank you again for your beautiful comment. Has lit me up! xox

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