Why silence is sometimes golden.

This week I was reminded that sometimes silence is the best option. For me. And maybe for others too.


Back in the day I was often opinionated and reactive.  Actually, very reactive. These days I try hard not to be, knowing it’s just my ego trying to convince me that I know more than others do – born from the fear: I Am Not Good Enough.

Not cool for me. Or anyone else.

I work hard on not buying into that fear anymore. And feel SO much freer for it. Continue reading

How to use (and not use) Oracle cards

Oracle cards. Owl - Wisdom.

Shuffling the deck of cards through your fingers, while hoping for a “good” card. You pick the top card and then taa-daaaa… you’re future is now in front of you.  Or maybe you don’t like that future, so go for another. Yes.. that’s the one, NOW your future is in front of you.

Hmm. Not quite.

I use my oracle cards semi-often. I don’t like to count on them, or have them replace my growing intuition but as a support and guiding hand I do believe they are a beautiful way of receiving little messages, tips and esoteric pats on the back when I want to be double- triple-quadruple sure I am on the right path. Continue reading

Today: I will be the change..

Mahatma Gandhi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

We can look at this huge but simple invitation from many different angles. We could look at the bigger picture of the world and see suffering and conflict and therefore choose instead to embody love, peace, compassion and forgiveness. We might observe the rise in health issues & disturbing body image concerns, so we decide to consciously focus our energy on being healthy, active, loving our bodies and advocating this lifestyle.

But today, I am going to think of Gandhi’s request to us all and consider MY world, and the  change that I need to be so that I see my world differently, so that my world changes with me, with my thoughts..

Be the change

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One word. Big Shifts



Such resolution and power in that word, and yet it illuminates innocents, simplicity and most of all – Truth.

This is my theme for 2014. To me it’s about being my honest self, not letting other’s (including media) thoughts or opinions or goals interfere with the essence of who I Am. I want to trust my intuition with being a mama, a coach and soon-to-be Reiki practitioner. I want my love and unwavering faith in spirit, energy, mind-body connection, healthy thoughts, mind power, crystals and flower essence to shine in my blogs and coaching sessions.

Being true to myself, putting my personal stamp on my world, my words, my passions.

Initially when the word came to me I thought: “Authentic.. yeeaah… but isn’t this something I do all the time anyway?” And, to be honest the answer is – yes and no. Continue reading

CLARITY is the first step to freedom.

Wow it’s February already.. can you believe it?! It’s unreal how quickly time goes by sometimes. But with the year of the Horse upon us and kicking our butts into gear, I think that YOU ARE ready to make 2014 our year sista!!

Where to start? So many ideas, desires, feelings, lofty dreams… sometimes it can feel overwhelming and too hard.

Towards the end of the year I was feeling the energy to get my shiz sorted for the up coming year. I had lots of ideas and dreams but my head was whirling. I needed to get clear on exactly what I wanted for 2014. I used a few different techniques, which I thought I’d break down for you to try.


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somebody i used to know.

My mum handed me and few gems of paper last week, an old love letter to an old flame and some old blogs I’d done for a previous blog which I had printed out. The old love letter was hilarious, I was 22 when I typed it up. Unsure if my old flame ever got a copy of it. The blogs however, were cool to read back on too. I decided that today I would re-post one of them as I still think the message is poignant.

Some of my girlfriends may remember the post.. but most of you wont have read it before.

Here we go…

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, living overseas or just don’t listen to Triple J then you’ve probably listened to the new Gotye song (clearly this was written a couple of years ago!)  “Somebody that I used to know” 101 times whilst playing on repeat over the radio. Although, I confess it’s slightly over-played at the moment, I do love this song! I can relate to it – actually I think many of us have felt this harsh reality in past relationships. Continue reading

Hello 2014!

At the close of each year, and beginning of the next one, our energy is ripe for gratitude and creativity. I love the momentum of the new year…. goal setting, planning and the energy buzzing around our possibilities like bees to nectar.

Before getting all crazy creative in the planning process, I have always thought it was important to look back at the year just passed and remind yourself of all the things you have learned, how you have grown, what you have achieved and ticked-off, and the goals which were left un-ticked and ask why?

Unfortunately, being human and full of insecurities it can be easy for us to glance back in time and think – jeez what have I done with this year? I haven’t accomplished much at all…. Our ego generously reminds us that the girl up the road has done xyz by comparison, and that big goal set at the start of the year is still left un-crossed on the ole’ To Do list.  Continue reading