How to find your….PASSION: HINT: It aint in your head.

fear -pema chodron

Recently, while pumping Xavier Rudd and mopping the floors (awesome combo – btw!), my mind drifted to the amazing message this soulful and passionate singer brings to the world. A message of peace, love, respect, empowerment and equality. He is truly an angel spreading an elemental message to the world – in his beautifully authentic way.

I have so much respect and awe for people who are living their purpose, their message and being honest and wholly themselves. Whatever form that takes.

For many of us, getting that level of clarity about who we are and what we are born to do can be complex, to say to least. But it doesn’t have to be.. Continue reading

How to avoid the pangs of jealousy + comparison(itis)

Ever felt that ‘pang’ of jealousy?!

Of course you have, we all have.. right?! It’s a horrible feeling. It makes us feel small & not enough.

Well, I felt it last week.

I was so annoyed with myself, as this type of feeling is not my reality any more. In fact, when it stabbed me in the stomach I consciously thought – wowza, I haven’t felt that feeling for a LONG time.

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Kickin’ the comparisonitis habit

I love myself exactly as I am.

Last week I was talking to a girlfriend about an important decision she’d made recently. I was so proud of her for following her gut instinct. She had made a choice a few months go, tried it out, and over the following months something just didn’t feel right (hello: instinct) and so she changed her mind.

Awesome Girl, I say!

It sounds so simple doesn’t it.. Changing our minds. But often we are so consumed with outside influences – what’s supposedly right and wrong, what we believe people will think of our choice and what our choice says about us and the person we wish to be seen as – that it can be really confronting to challenge that noise and just follow our gut. Continue reading

Guide(d) to Meditation

A few short weeks ago I was innocently scrolling through my Facebook feed before I went off to bed for my evening meditation and some z’s when I noticed a question from a girl (who I’d met before) on a group page asking for advice about reducing the weekly Sunday evening anxiety sesh…

I wasn’t to know that this question was to be the catalyst of a new role I would have never seen myself doing!

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Dear friend Resistance : Six tips to help you push through (lovingly!)


At 33, I have incarnated quite a few times in this life already. I’ve shed my skin, old patterns and outdated beliefs and evolved. I’ve grown from the inside out.

And, I plan on continuing to do this my whole life.

In fact, right now, I feel the tingle of change: I’m asking questions I’ve never asked before, I’m seeking a fresh perspective, I’m going deeper, getting more frustrated, gaining clarity, striving for quiet (a great challenge for me!), and creating space to sense things. Continue reading

Archangel Gabriel is my homeboy.


On Monday night I lay in bed doing a short breathing meditation.

I set an intension/prayer for my clients & my business. After a few relaxed minutes the words Archangel Gabriel came into my mind. I didn’t “hear” these words, they were just there all of a sudden. I used to pray to specific angels a lot when I needed support on something but hadn’t done it this for many years so it was usual for me. I expressed my gratitude to A.G for the support, not really understand what the support was for in that moment.

After my meditation I looked up what Archangel Gabriel was all about: Continue reading

Doing our work.

In the space of 24 hours I went from buzzing illation and joy to a feeling of almost hopelessness about humanity.

Screen shot 2014-05-30 at 8.32.37 PM

Two weeks go I arrived home from a beautiful & soulful family holiday in Noosa and Byron Bay. The sun shone (mostly!), the warm waves called, and the lush greenness soaked into my being like the vital lifeblood my body had been aching for.  I just love the sub tropics.

I came back to Melbourne believing, with every fibre of my body, that we truly do create our own reality. This knowing is something I have enjoyed for many years, but being in my dream locale (Byron) and scoping out the little towns around it for a nook we may some day call home it really sunk in that each choice we make can take us closer, or push us further away, from our dreams. We make those choices everyday.  It’s a choice to choose, and choose consciously. Continue reading

Tea drinking for the Soul


With a distinct crispness to the air when we rise out of bed these days, two thoughts spring to mind each chilly morn: the soulfulness of winter is fast approaching where instinctively our bodies, minds and soul crave time to bunker in, rest and reflect, and secondly (ok maybe firstly!)…  where the heck are my Uggs!! Brrrrr.

Winter is considered a powerful time for spiritual growth and is when our Yin energy is heightened. It’s a soulful time of letting go and releasing, and working through our “stuff” to aid our preparation for the new beginnings and rebirth of beautiful spring. Continue reading

Letting go & gaining wisdom from relationships


Life is a balance of holding on, and (1)

It seems fitting that I talk about rituals for letting go this week on the blog, as the Easter energy, which is still around, embodies that exact same premise. Letting go of what is not serving you and stepping into your authentic space.

Last week I discussed when the right time to break up was/is. It’s a hard topic and is totally subjective and unique to your relationships. Only you can make that call about what feels right for you. To summaries, I believe the right time to let go of a relationship is when it is no longer healthy and no longer serving you – when you are feeling unnourished more than feeling supported. Continue reading

When it’s the right time to breakup..

People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime… This is one of my favorite sayings. I love it because as humans it is our nature to want to be part of, and learn through, relationships and communities. We traverse through life meeting new people at work, school, on the bus, through courses and these day in online communities. But not all of these people will stay by our side forever.

Some will just merely come in to teach us something, help us (like human angels), get us seemingly off track to help us get on track, or stay with us for most of our lives doing all of the above!

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