Momentum of money

It was a delayed start to my year, so much was squashed and squeezed into the final few weeks of 2016 that my body and soul just wasn’t quite done processing all that was the final year in a big cycle. (Last year was a nine year in numerology, this year is quite excitedly a number one – the start of a new nine-year cycle!).

You see, 2017 is going to be a HUGE year for my family. Our family is on the move!

We have moved from our beautiful little community in Yarraville and are currently living with my parents on a farm in the outer west, until we move up to sunny southern Queensland in the next month or so. We’re not moving for work, were moving because we want to give it a try, its a dream we have both had for our whole relationship – we’re a beach + sun loving family and while our children are young we want to see if our love of the beach and outside lifestyle can work for the four of us. We don’t know anyone up there, so it’s going to be a huge shift from living close to family and dear friends. But my husband and I are kind of gypsies in a way and have both lived overseas and interstate many times, so we know we can adapt and expand.. and teach our children resilience, adaptability, creativity and the power of giving something challenging a try!

And hey, if it all turns pear-shaped, we can move back knowing in our hearts we gave it a go.


I absolutely LOVE the energy around new years, but this year I allowed myself to not get caught up in keeping up with everyone else – goal setting, planning, affirming, sharing my dreams, I was happy to take it slow and allow myself go inwards a bit more and gently be open to the possibilities of 2017, while processing, feeling gratitude and releasing 2016.

By late January the energy was shifting for me and I needed to journal it ALL. From that space my intentions, which have room to grow and change shape, were created. It felt good, and the words felt right.

In the past 5 years my ‘goal’ style have changed completely. I’ve written goals since I was about 15, but now I focus on how I want to FEEL and create my intentions (so much softer, more feminine and pliable than goals) based on those.

This year I want to feel: LIGHT > ALIGNED > in TRUST

After exploring these feelings and feeling wonderful about the potential they hold for me this intention popped in loud and clear:


It may seem like an odd choice – money didn’t really seem light, aligned or a trustworthy choice. But, oh boy… once i dug a little deeper it all made sense for me!

What I have found in the past four years in particular (as my body and soul transitioned into motherhood), is that I didn’t have the head space for finances in our family. I certainly used to, and hubby and I have always shared the responsibility, but motherhood took precedence and that was one task I began to burry my head in the sand about. And in taking this path (which is totally ok, my babies will always come first) I can now see much of my personal power I gave away (in this area of my life).

As I sat with my notebook and wrote this financial intention seemingly from nowhere (but obviously from soul which was READY!) I was somewhat shocked and scared, if I’m honest. ‘Oh crap, I’ve actually got to look at this!!!’

Knowing there was no escaping I sat with it, felt all the uncomfortable feels, and shortly began to feel a little.. inspired!

I wrote some more and realised that in this area of my life I constantly felt:

Out of control, dumb (I know, awful, right!), and contrary to most areas my life where I felt creative and connected to the Source – manifesting great relationships, wonderful clients, opportunities, fun, in this area I felt overwhelmingly stagnant, heavy, anxious, unworthy, incompetence and shame.

Getting clear on how I did feel, as hard as it was to recognise and put real names to these feelings i have had for such a long time no, I was able to get really conscious about it, this  allowed me to begin to explore how I wanted to feel.

This flowed in..

LIGHT, in control of our finances, empowered, intuitive, intelligent, in ALIGNMENT, expansive, completely TRUSTING of God (the Universe, the Source) to point me in the right direction and support me, completely TRUSTING of myself and my abilities.

This was kind of a light bulb moment for me. I had felt none of those things in the past about money or financial matters. I’d never been taught the ‘way’ myself, so I just fumbled my way through. THIS felt good.. I wanted to feel all of the above and more.

Once a clear intension is written down, to me, it already begins manifest and to feel in-flow, doable, manageable, achievable. I love that energy!

I jumped right in and began listening to podcasts (literally that day) – I searched: spirituality and money, I found some wonderful talks which pointed in one direction in particular to author called Barbara Stanny, a women and wealth expert and A Course in Miracles student and teacher. I gobbled up much of her wisdom via podcasts, You Tube clips etc. and while had no luck buying her books ‘Sacred Success’ and ‘Overcoming Underearning’ in a store, I’ve done an online order and I’ll get my package within a few days.

While looking for her books in-store however, I found a non-spiritual more practical money book which seemed to pop out at me in the bookshop. Something about the book felt right, and excited me.. though i really had no idea what was inside!  I devoured the whole book in a few sittings and now hubby is on board too! We are riding this energy and promptly began to putting many of the principals into action – this alone has helped me personally to feel LIGHTer, more in control and empowered and we are just at the beginning of this journey.

Notice the feels I wanted to feel… already in a few weeks I AM feeling them!

Hello: Inspired Action!

I’ve signed up to a monthly money talk webinar as well, to keep my momentum and motivation fresh and alive.

My smaller steps to realising this intention include: reading at least six financial books this year, listen to 1-2 podcast a week on money/finance, be willing to step outside my comfort zone, go to three talks this year on money/finances, and talk to people about money once a week – not figures per say, but methods, ideas, tips, courses, books etc.

As I begin to put these small steps into action what I am loving right now is the momentum I have created around this intention already, literally a month after it came forth to be realised. I’m always in awe at how what you focus on attracts to you.. people are starting up conversations around money and empowerment, I’m getting links to wonderful blog posts, things pop up on Facebook (ok, so thats probably not a coincidence, but I’m still loving it!!)

I’d like to caveat all this talk about finances and money with this: I do NOT believe that money makes a person, I personally don’t care how much money you have in your bank account or find people less or more appealing based on their house, clothes or car. It’s just uninteresting to me. However, for me (and our journeys are all very much individual) I want to feel the freedom of being confident with money and the financial world in which we live in. I want to feel like I don’t need my parents, or my husband, or my accountant to DO anything for me in this area. Of course, enlisting help and expertise is wonderful and totally necessary, and partnering and working as a team with hubby is awesome, but at 36, I want the freedom to make my own decisions with knowledge and wisdom that I can pass down to my children and to empower them.

I would LOVE to hear what your intentions are for this year? Do you break it down into small steps, create affirmations, read books? Please share!

So much love and creative energy to you!

Catherine x x x

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