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Kura Antonello, Brand Manager – Melbourne

Kura Antonello

Catherine is like a witch doctor for your soul.

Gloriously honest as she is gracious, Catherine has this innate ability to take a rambling conversation, a lightless day, or a slum, and tell you exactly what you need to hear, at precisely the right time.

I crave our chats, admire her honesty, but am totally hooked by her peace and slightly kooky sense of humour.

Give this girl a topic… ANY topic, and watch the magic pour!


Michelle Pipino, Program Manager – Darwin

Catherine is amazing at finding the right moments during a conversation to guide and support you.

She is a wonderful listener and is always so passionate and keen to guide you to lead the life you want to lead – and hold you to it! Actually, she thrives on assisting others to make the best decisions for THEIR OWN lives! 

She will listen, question and always find a way for you to work through what is needed to make better decisions in your life.

Her compassion and ability to support those around her utilizing the skills and her natural abilities that she has spent years developing is beautiful. 

She has the most natural ability to have wholesome and meaningful conversations that really feed the soul!

michelle lowbridge

Michelle Lowbrigde, Kinesiologist and Creator of The Prosperity Connection – United Kingdom

Catherine is amazing.  Simply amazing.  She is a rare combination of being intuitive AND completely practical, and so her way of guiding you to make great decisions for yourself is second-to-none.  I love talking to her, and get so much value from every minute.  Plus she’s funny and warm, so even though we get a lot done, I really, really enjoy it!

Catherine really has a skill for picking up on what’s really going on, reading between the lines and helping you strategise where you’re going next.  She makes goals and targets achievable – and gives you the confidence and tools to make them happen!

I just can’t recommend Catherine enough, sign her up while she’s still available!

Check out Michelle @ and

Rebecca Tipper

Rebecca Tipper, mum-of-two and Naturopath – Melbourne

Catherine has been my confidant, teacher and cheerleader for many years. Over recent months struggling to adjust to becoming a stay-at-home-mum to two little cherubs I decided to have formal coaching with Catherine.

Using the tools and resources Catherine shared I am now more clear about the things I need to do to get maximum enjoyment and productivity into my days and strengthen my relationships with my kids and husband.

We identified things that needed to change and created processes to make it possible. I now set goals, use my time more productively and give myself permission to spend time outside the family unit.

I am onto my way to mothering in a more mindful way and being the mum and partner I want to be.  

I trust Catherine because she is a shinning example of ‘practicing what you preach’ and would recommend her to anyone else feeling stuck in a rut and who wants to make change.

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