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The Law of Attraction and other similar processes have been around since the late 1800’s (believe it or not!), its amazing how far back and how simple this process really is. Over the past 15 years I have immersed myself in spiritual law to deepen my personal connection to God, but along the way I’ve been blessed with learning, tweeking and practicing the simple, yet rewarding Law of Attraction. I have created my own version which helps me to create (what i want) as well as cleanse (what i don’t want) and found it to be a deeply soulful practice.. Which I am now ready, and excited to share!

Below I invite you to read about my favourite story on ‘attraction’. It’s my personal favourite story of my life, it fills me with deep gratitude and love and… wowness at the universe, my own personal power and relationship to our creator!

At about 19 or 20 years old I began to devour self help books. The first book I was recommended and read was called Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway, by Susan Jeffers. To this day I still I recommend it as a great starter for people who want to feel confident in their decisions and be able to make life choices consciously, even if they are a little or a lot apprehensive of the outcome, or how it will make them or others feel.

The journey of self-help books gradually led me to spiritual self-help and spiritual text about God, universal laws, forgiveness and how I can be the best person I can be. Growing up Catholic I always had a relationship with God and always felt confortable talking about what God meant to me but as I began to dive deeper into meditation, source energy and the spiritual concept of Law and God versus religious teachings I really found my home.

In 2006 after years of reading, doing courses, energetic healings, globetrotting and meeting awesome people and teachers I began to feel a real primal readiness to meet my life partner, my mate, my Mr Amazing. I felt ready get our life started together.

Only the problem was, I didn’t seem to be attracting anyone that awesome, or at anyone I pictured myself spending my life with. In mid-July that year I decided to go and see a Reiki Master (my first introduction to Reiki) and get some healing and insights.

I remember in my first session I literally felt my heart being squeezed when she was working on my heart charka, it was quite phenomenal and intense… it wasn’t a nice feeling and afterwards she told me it was very strong for her as well. She explained that I had some healing to do regarding a past relationship. I knew she was right, and I guess I had been putting it off. So, therein started the next step of my journey.

I continued to receive Reiki and in addition I did my own conscious healing. I wrote in my journal about the relationship, what went wrong, what I had learned and what I had loved. I started to come to a place of peace with the relationship, and I can genuinely say I came to a place of gratitude for all I had learned, all that our relationship was and for him as a person and ultimately my teacher – this truly surprised me as I didn’t know you could feel like that about an ex.

In conjunction with this work I decided to write an affirmation, but this was unlike any I had written before. I wrote it more like a list of traits, looks, hobbies, personality that my Mr Amazing was going to have, who he was and what sort of relationship we would have together. The list was two sides of an A4 sheet of paper long – I had even written in the margins! If Mr Amazing was going to be perfect for me, why not be really really specific. I, like everyone, deserved to be completely happy and fulfilled!

I started to read this every night before bed, I would read it while squeezing a rose quartz stone (which represents love energy + heart chakra). I would talk to this man, telling him to hurry up so we can get our lives started together. I would read this affirmation and create the feeling of sincere excitement and love for this person. After a few weeks of reading it I truly started to believe it, and would get more excited and more in love and more forceful (in a fun way) when I spoke to him to hurry-the-heck-up! I knew with all my heart he was on his way. I just didn’t know if that would be next week or next year… but I wholeheartedly believed.

In November that year said-ex had invited me to a school reunion. Not to go as a couple per say, but more because I knew all of his friends too so it would have been fun – and easy for him. I initially said I would go, thinking it would be a good catch up. That day I thought how ridiculous me saying yes was after all the work I had done, and I cancelled going. I wrote a long letter to him and thanked him for being in my life, for teaching me so many things about myself, for helping me grow but it was now time to part ways. I blessed him on his journey and felt really good about my last effort to let go. (Keep in mind we’d be broken up for 5 years and both had seen other people in this time – crazy huh!). I did a burning ceremony with some sage and the letter, along with a gratitude mediation and left it at that.

That night I decided to have a quite night with a friend and watch a movie in. But Mr Amazing and the universe had different plans for me!

I watched a movie at a friends and was getting ready to go home, when another friend called me quite merry, but cross because I wasn’t coming out for his birthday drinks. I gave in to his pleading and thought his birthday drinks were on my way home I could stop in for one drink and then be on my way.

I got to the bar and was busy making my way through the happy crowd when I literally bumped into this guy who was talking to someone I knew. Cue.. Mr Amazing. The man I bumped into was a gorgeous kiwi guy, who was a friend of the birthday boys. For some odd reason I pretended to be a kiwi until my cover was blown and we laughed and talked until the wee hours of the morning, then the whole next day.

I stopped reading my affirmation after that. I actually knew as soon as we met that I had met my soul mate, and I remember having a silly grin on my face knowing this!

A few months down the track I found my affirmation list and read it to Mr Amazing. He was quite shocked because I was actually describing him as I was reading it… pretty cool huh?!

My now husband later explained that he had been away for work the week before we met and was supposed to stay in Adelaide that weekend as well but at the last minute he had a urge to come back to Melbourne for the weekend. He tells me he had a good feeling about meeting someone that night. I’m certainly glad he trusted his instincts!

And so, after almost 10 years, many travels, learning curves, a wedding and two divine children later he is still my Mr Amazing!

I hope you enjoyed that story, because every time I think of it, recap it with my husband I gush over how cool it is and how awesome it is that when you really believe in something, when you give it beautiful energy, let go of any negative issues holding you back from your dreams you make the space for your perfect life to enter.

This my loves, will be the whole principle of the REALIGN: Spring Workshop, I will be holding at the end of September. I am going to share the simple, yet profound and powerful steps to help you attract and bring forth what you desire, and cleanse what you don’t.

I have used this process to attract an amazing group of girlfriends into my life in record time (after moving to a totally new state!), live in a beautiful house which literally (just like hubby) ticked all the boxes on my wish list, attracted holidays, financial boosts, wardrobe additions, jobs (I’ve never not got a job I have gone for!) and much more.

So if you are READY, I would LOVE for you to join me for an intimate workshop in which I will teach you this amazing process.. which you can use ANYTIME you like!

Head over to my events page to check it out in more detail.

I would love to know, do you have any tricks or techniques that help you pull what you want closer to you? Please.. share below!!

Love + Light sweet one,

Catherine x x x

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