Full Moon Circle

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I run a sweet meditation circle every Sunday, and have done this on and off for nearly two years. I am mostly an extrovert and usually confident in public speaking…

So I was totally surprised when I my belly started to flutter like 100 butterflies were hatching inside as I began to welcome in all the beautiful women who said ‘Yes’ to my Full Moon Circle last month.

I had genuine nerves.

I had no expectations when I created this workshop, it was born out of pure inspiration. I do this type of ritual often when I am feeling the need to release and let go, and have done variations of this for more than 10 years.. I know the power of it (and the extra bonus power of the potent Full Moon energy) and I thought how cool it would be to guide others through this simple yet deeply soulful work.

Little did I know, as the warm glow of nerves bubbled up in my body that this workshop would facilitate genuine shifts and, dare I say, miraculous outcomes for the women this space was carved out for.


The evening was truly magical and I mean that literally and figuratively. Naturally, I felt the very strong energy of the moon, calling us forth to do our work.. and the energy of the group was equally divine!

I felt so privileged that this inspiring group of sisters had given up their Friday night to gather and honour themselves with an open-heart and mind. For most, if not all, this was the first time they had attended such an event, or practice any type of ritual, and I felt truly blessed they trusted me to guide them.

The event was sprinkled with various rituals to cleanse the space, body and soul. We used essential oils and sage to cleanse the room and ourselves, we meditated to prepare our mind and soul for the work which needed to be done, we journalled our deepest darkest feelings, our aches and our pains about what was no longer serving us and what our soul was pleading with us to release, and then we release it all to a higher power, Lady Luna and Spirit.

The work itself was insular. Yes, we all sat next to one another in our scared circle, and there was snippets of time for light chit chat but what each woman came for that evening was no one else’s concern. We didn’t share our experiences, our grievances or worries. This space was set up for each women to venture within, all the while feeling the sisterhood and camaraderie from other women who were walking their own path along side them.


After our ‘work’ was done we sipped tea, nibbled on delicious delights and connected with like-minded women. I created an event I would love to attend, and for me, the soulful work is a vital aspect but the connection is oh-so important!

I wanted to share some of the feedback, not only because I am totally tingly about what all the women have shared about their experience, but because I have been blown away with the powerful shifts which have occurred through a simple yet powerful practice. I feel so incredibly humbled to have created and held space for these women to be able to do this work..


“(The event).. made me recognize how much my mind defaults to certain thoughts/beliefs – literally 100 times a day! I’d normally fuse with the thoughts and pretty much get stuck in my head. Since the circle, I’ve given myself permission to not indulge in the thoughts as I’ve ‘let them go’ – quite liberating!” T x x

“As a result of the circle I finalised settlement with my ex husband and let him go. I also let go another strong relationship that had been hanging around. I found it very powerful, empowering and helpful.” M x x

“(After the circle) I am more open towards a particular part of my family life and I feel a bit released from anger and being pulled back into the past by it.” E x x

“I really enjoyed it. It was a great activity for a Friday night to stop and give myself some very rare time out. To reflect on what it was that I wanted to clear out was great and the ritual/space/ceremony was really beautiful too. As I look back I believe it had a large impact on me too. Saturday was quite uncomfortable as the frustration with my partner came to a head and forced us to have some really important conversations. We both felt better about everything afterwards. Tick! I also felt immense frustration at some clutter in our house, which forced me to clear it out (there’s plenty more to go). Tick! I feel like there’s more to clear in a few areas, but hopefully it will gradually get there.” J x x  

“Since the Full Moon Circle my Anxiety has gone from an 8… to a.. 2!” F x x

“Since I’ve attended your full moon circle I have found peace & truly let go of 3 issues that I wrote about on the full moon circle night. I feel peace is what has come out of this & I so look forward to attending the next event.” M x x


My mind has been blown away by these divine shifts which have occurred. Anxiety massively reduced, letting go of the attachments to relationships which are no longer serving, letting go of issues which created the space for honest conversations to be had, clearing the mind and so the physical ‘stuff’ naturally had to be cleared too, letting go so deeply that a feeling of peace prevails.

I am so proud of these women.

And, of the work I am privileged to do.

I am already planning the next event.. how could I not after such delicious responses! The next one is likely to coincide with the winter solstice in June. So keep an eye out in your inboxes (make sure you’ve signed up for my newsletter) and also on Instagram and Facebook!

Love + Light,

Catherine x x x

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