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I haven’t done a book review here on the blog before, but I enjoyed this book so much that I couldn’t not. And i enjoyed the book review process too.. so maybe more coming soon too? What do you think?!!

Title: Dying to be Me

Author: Anita Moorjani

Published: Hay House, 2012


The book in Essence

Have you ever wondered if there was an ‘after-life’, whether God or a form of Divinity exists… if you have I urge you to read this story by Anita Moorjani, for once you have, I doubt you’ll have too many doubts  about the existence of what lays beyond this life.

I saw Anita speak many years ago at a Wayne Dyer talk in Sydney, when I was pregnant with my daughter. Anita’s story was riveting to say the least, so I bought her book. But then with pregnancy and moving interstate.. and, well, life… the book got shuffled between other books and forgotten about it until it stood out to me on my bookshelf a few weeks ago.

As soon as I started reading I was hooked. I was hooked not only because of the near death experience (NDE) Anita shared – that was mind blowing, but also her style of writing was easy to read and she spoke a lot about her life experience leading up to her miraculous experience, being born Indian living in Hong Kong as a Hindu, her experience with finding Love and how cancer got a grip on her life.

In essence her book was about dying a long painful death of cancer, which had left her bed-ridden, and how after her NDE she recovered fully at an extraordinarily speedy rate once she experienced the ‘magnificence’ of her true essential self and how in the tapestry of life the trueness of her, as with each of us, has a wonderful role to play.

Insights + take aways

There are a lot of scribbles and underlines throughout my book! So rich with wisdom and insights, I feel truly changed since reading it.. or maybe not changed per say, but my trust has expanded, her Truth spoke to me very deeply. Here are some snippets of gold I would like to share..

Anita NDE was one of Oness with everything, she felt completed expanded at at the same time merged and at one with everything one and everything.

Anita now meditates most days to ‘centre herself’ – she finds that without this centring she is counting on her mind too much as opposed to trusting her true self and her feelings about things.

Anita has change the way of viewing the world from an outside-in to an inside-out view. Which means she checks in with how she ‘feels’ about things first and trusts that, as opposed to what she is hearing outside herself – friends, family, media, culture etc.

Like most religious and spiritual teachings Anita discovered the truth behind the Oneness which we are all apart of. Anita explained that through her NDE she understood and felt and experienced the Oneness of which we are all apart of.

Anita talked about her miraculous healing after her NDE and reflected now why she believes she healed so quickly. Her reasoning was that her experience eliminated any and all fear from her body, and each and every cell was affectively reprogrammed with the knowledge she came back with, which was her true magnificence and her oneness with all that is. Anita explained this process was beyond the ‘mind’, it was her knowing and in that her truly allowing her true spirit to shine through that created such a huge shift.

Anita loves everyone and everything. Even in today’s climate she can love terrorists and criminals. Her strong belief (which I love) is that “people who commit such acts, they must be really full of confusion, frustration, pain, and self-hatred… A self-actualised and happy person would never carry out such deeds …In order to be capable of such crimes, someone had to be emotionally diseased – in fact, much like having cancer.”

Anita’s main message:

Self-love is essential to trusting ourselves, our greatness and our gifts.

Live life fearlessly! We are taught to fear everything, lets retrain to LOVE everything!

Centring ourselves, however that works for you, is vital to becoming clear on who you are and what your true gifts are and staying true to yourself.

We are LOVE.

We are ONE with everyone and everyone, and the Divine.

“By expanding our awareness on a individual level, we’ll be effecting change on a universal level.”

“We affect the lives of others just be choosing whether or not to be our True selves.”

Lastly, Anita believes that while there is a whole movement around Attracting the life the you, she sees it more about Allowing.. and I just LOVE this!

She says, “My aim is to feel good enough about myself to get to a point of trust, and in that state, to let go of the outcome… the kinder I am to myself the more outward events will reflect that. The harder and more judgemental I am towards myself the more my situation will match it. The universe always proves me right in my opinion of myself.”

That last line is getting stuck on a postit note on my mirror – stat!

Once again, I highly recommend this book. For many reasons but two in particular.

Firstly, if you have ever wondered about what happens after we die, this book is so generous and full of wisdom in a really simple format. It steers clear of religious context and dogma and gets the heart of who we really are.

Secondly, if you have lost a love one, I believe this will give you great joy and contentment knowing your dearest is so incredibly happy and full of joy and love.. and is, in fact, right by your side every moment. When reading this book and her NDE I thought about my brother, who we lost last year.. I knew when he passed over he was so full of joy – I felt it strongly, which made grieving him (which i still am, and will continue to do so) much easier and happier experience in a way. But reading this made it clearer about what his immediate experience would have been and that does gift me a sense of happiness for him.

If you are looking for a shortcut version (although the book holds a lot more juice!) you can watch this TedXTalk by Anita here.

Love to know your thoughts!

Have you read this book? What other books can you suggest to read? I just bought two new books – self help style – online last week and each time the door bell rings I’m hoping it’s my books!!

With LOVE x x

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