Momentum of money

It was a delayed start to my year, so much was squashed and squeezed into the final few weeks of 2016 that my body and soul just wasn’t quite done processing all that was the final year in a big cycle. (Last year was a nine year in numerology, this year is quite excitedly a number one – the start of a new nine-year cycle!).

You see, 2017 is going to be a HUGE year for my family. Our family is on the move!

We have moved from our beautiful little community in Yarraville and are currently living with my parents on a farm in the outer west, until we move up to sunny southern Queensland in the next month or so. Continue reading

How to get what you want.. easily!

mr amazing

The Law of Attraction and other similar processes have been around since the late 1800’s (believe it or not!), its amazing how far back and how simple this process really is. Over the past 15 years I have immersed myself in spiritual law to deepen my personal connection to God, but along the way I’ve been blessed with learning, tweeking and practicing the simple, yet rewarding Law of Attraction. I have created my own version which helps me to create (what i want) as well as cleanse (what i don’t want) and found it to be a deeply soulful practice.. Which I am now ready, and excited to share!

Below I invite you to read about my favourite story on ‘attraction’. It’s my personal favourite story of my life, it fills me with deep gratitude and love and… wowness at the universe, my own personal power and relationship to our creator! Continue reading

Book Club.

Book Ckub 1

I haven’t done a book review here on the blog before, but I enjoyed this book so much that I couldn’t not. And i enjoyed the book review process too.. so maybe more coming soon too? What do you think?!!

Title: Dying to be Me

Author: Anita Moorjani

Published: Hay House, 2012


The book in Essence

Have you ever wondered if there was an ‘after-life’, whether God or a form of Divinity exists… if you have I urge you to read this story by Anita Moorjani, for once you have, I doubt you’ll have too many doubts  about the existence of what lays beyond this life. Continue reading

How to chose Love over Fear..

Screen shot 2016-06-02 at 3.28.59 PM

Over the past few months I have immersed myself in written and spoken words related to A Course in Miracles, mostly words by the wonderful student and teacher of the Course, Marianne Williamson.

I was honoured to see her speak last year, and while I had read part of her book A Return to Love years before, I’m reading it now with fresh eyes, and devouring all the wisdom she has to offer.

She talks a lot about Miracles being a shift in perception from fear to Love. She uses the language of the Course, which is written in traditional Christian language used in very untraditional ways. To be honest, these words resonate at the very core of who I am and I am loving it.

The Course talks about in every moment there are only two options: Love or fear. So you can choose to see, speak, act, remember or think through either of those lenses. It’s a choice and You are solely responsible, regardless of what is presented. Continue reading

Top 10 Books you MUST read

booksI must confess, I am not a fast reader. Sometimes I read over a paragraph three or four times so I can absorb what it is offering me. But I do love books. And, I’m not a fan of those kindle devices (although I’m partial to an printed out e-book!). My books are all scribbled, underlined, ear-marked and loved!

I’ve been reading personal growth and spiritual texts since I was nineteen. I literally devour them. I can happily say, they have helped shape who I am today. It’s an honour to be able to directly learn from some of the greatest teachers in the world, right in the comfort of my bed (double bonus!!).

I was guided to read my first ‘self-help’ book, Feel the fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers at 19. A friend of a friend was talking about reading it and the impact it had made on her.. I thought it sounded very intriguing so I went off to Collins Bookstore and bought myself a copy. This very easy to read book gave me my first major ah-ha realisation which went something like:

Holy Beeeep .. I Get to choose the course of my life, I CAN actually make choices! Fear isn’t a sign that I ‘shouldn’t’ do something?!!!”

And with that.. I broke up with my boyfriend! Continue reading

Full Moon Circle

Moon pic

I run a sweet meditation circle every Sunday, and have done this on and off for nearly two years. I am mostly an extrovert and usually confident in public speaking…

So I was totally surprised when I my belly started to flutter like 100 butterflies were hatching inside as I began to welcome in all the beautiful women who said ‘Yes’ to my Full Moon Circle last month.

I had genuine nerves.

I had no expectations when I created this workshop, it was born out of pure inspiration. I do this type of ritual often when I am feeling the need to release and let go, and have done variations of this for more than 10 years.. I know the power of it (and the extra bonus power of the potent Full Moon energy) and I thought how cool it would be to guide others through this simple yet deeply soulful work.

Little did I know, as the warm glow of nerves bubbled up in my body that this workshop would facilitate genuine shifts and, dare I say, miraculous outcomes for the women this space was carved out for. Continue reading



Who of us struggles with forgiveness?

I’m guessing.. everyone’s hands are up right about now?!

It feels hard. It feels SO un-doable at times, with certain people and situations.

I get it.

I’ve been there. Grasping on to the ‘story’. Gripping tightly to anger, or fear, or disappointment, or jealousy, or pain. Holding on with dear life to the words “I am right. You are wrong. My pain and suffering matters more.”

Oh yeah. I get it alright.  Continue reading

Radical. Acts. Of. Love.

Screen shot 2016-02-13 at 3.22.26 PMWhat if today we all did something truly Radical?

What if we ALL performed a Radical Act of Love. And by Radical, I mean just that. I really HUGE act or gesture which felt SO good you could bust. Which felt so freaking terrifying you felt your heart almost jumping out of your chest or you tummy about to implode? Which raised your vibration, and in doing so, raised the vibration of the collective in this beautiful place we live in?

The world needs this NOW.

Over the past few months there has been some big shifts for me. I attended a wonderful meditation retreat in my favorite place on earth, Byron Bay, late last year. While at the retreat I didn’t feel huge shifts, although I knew subtly things were changing. The week I returned I felt floaty, like I was in a dream until I heard the news about the Lebanon and Paris tragedies. Continue reading

Crystals, Vibrations + Meditation

crystalsI am a self-confessed crystal lover. I love the way I can intuitively pick a crystal which is right for me, in that moment. I love the way they look and feel. But most of all I love how incredibly powerful their healing energy works.

We are drawn to crystals, which reflect where we are at. They are able facilitate our healing. When we are supported by crystals, we raise our vibration, and in doing so can help us to heal.

Much like crystals can heal, meditation does the same thing.

Meditation is a conscious act in bringing yourself into alignment with your highest self. Stepping into the fullness of who you are, ditching the limiting beliefs and preconceived perceptions. Continue reading

Notes from a now Mum of two.


SEPTEMBER! This year has flown by in super speed and it feel likes I have been immersed in a bubble of extreme emotion since the year began.

Both my body and soul have experienced heart wrenching grief and sadness, complete bliss and gratitude, intense surges of love, zombie-like exhaustion mixed with mild depression and stress, joy of joys and total bewilderment. My heart has certainly had a marathon-type work out of which I will never forget.

To offer you a brief sense of why to-date 2015 as been so hyped on emotion for me; Continue reading