Archangel Gabriel is my homeboy.


On Monday night I lay in bed doing a short breathing meditation.

I set an intension/prayer for my clients & my business. After a few relaxed minutes the words Archangel Gabriel came into my mind. I didn’t “hear” these words, they were just there all of a sudden. I used to pray to specific angels a lot when I needed support on something but hadn’t done it this for many years so it was usual for me. I expressed my gratitude to A.G for the support, not really understand what the support was for in that moment.

After my meditation I looked up what Archangel Gabriel was all about:

Doreen Virtue says:

“Archangel Gabriel inspires and motivates artists and communicators, helping them to overcome fear and procrastination.

The archangel helps anyone whose life purpose involves art or communication. Call upon Gabriel for help, guidance, and agenting if you’re an actor, artist, author, dancer, journalist, model, musician, reporter, singer, songwriter, teacher, or do anything involving delivering spiritual messages. Gabriel will open doors to help you express your talent in a big way. The archangel also acts as a coach, inspiring and motivating artists and communicators, and helping them to overcome fear and procrastination.”

These words immediately resonated with me.

I am a communicator. It’s my “thing”.
In my work I am like a teacher, and certainly feel honoured (and excitably passionate) to deliver, or talk about spiritual messages.
Fear and Procrastination – Right now, absolutely this is my issue.

Funnily enough over the last five or so weeks I have said to my husband and others numerous times times: “What do you think of the name Gabriel for a boy.” I just love it, hubby well, he is not so convinced. But, it’s interesting that that name has been in my sphere for weeks and then in this meditation Archangel Gabriel’s pops in to say – Hey, Catherine, dear one, I’ve been trying to get your attention for weeks! I am here, with you. I am supporting you. Ask me, I am here to help you. 

In the last few days I have been speaking to Gabriel, asking for signs and helping me expand time and keep motivated.

This morning I woke up and wrote a list of blogs I could write (not including this one, this one just sort of happened – hello: inspiration!), and I am feeling more energised.

Speaking to and asking for support from your guides or particular angels or deities is as simple as just thinking about them and simply asking for guidance or a sign.

Here are a couple you might think of communing with:

Archangel Michael – Call on him for physical protection of yourself, loved ones, your home etc. He also supports you through times of big change.

Archangel Raphael – Call on him for any health issues.

Archangel Jophiel – Doreen Virtue calls her the “Feng Shui Angel” – she encourages you to get rid of clutter in your life.

Lakshmi – Call on this Hindu Goddess for help with wealth, prosperity, good fortune.

Ganesh – Call on him to help you remove obtacles which are preventingyou from reaching a goal or dream.

There are so many angels and helpers out there to call upon, and they are just waiting for us to ask for their help – they don’t like to interfere. Remember that signs and outcomes may not be exactly what you asked for, but know it is ALWAYS for your highest good.


Super simple meditation:

Find somewhere quiet & comfortable – lying down or in a supported seat position // Steadily and comfortably breath in for five breaths // Hold for five breaths // Steadily breath out for five breaths // Hold for five breaths // Repeat. 

Even a few rounds of this and you will start to feel relaxed. After a few minutes you may start to feel your own energy around you, feel calm and your inner chatter box may seem much quieter. Just do it for as long as you can. Some evenings I only manage 10 or so round of this and I am nearly asleep!

Have you ever experienced this type of guidance, or perhaps even more obvious? I would love to hear your story in the comments below.

Love and prayers to You. Namaste

Catherine xo

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