Hello there & welcome to my little nook in cyber space.

I’m Catherine – seeker, listener, speaker, writer & holistic life coach.

I am honoured & pretty psyched that you have come to my website to learn a little bit more about holistic coaching, my approach and how I can help you. And by all means, take a peek at some of my blogs while you’re hanging out.

A bit about me: I’ve been in a ‘conscious’ state of learning, self-development and spiritual discovery since I was about 19. I love learning about how to be the best person I can be, trusting myself and Spirit, and working through my own demons like self doubt, self consciousness, unworthiness and so on (we all have our ‘things’ that we are constantly working through).

I have discovered that through the obstacles & challenges we face throughout our lives we are being offered opportunities to learn the most about ourselves and ultimately grow and achieve the blissful lives we deserve. I am always being challenged, always learning and always will be.

In my past lives (as in a few years ago) I have been a formal student (many times), a journalist, communication’s executive, volunteer & an executive assistant. I have traveled Australia and the world extensively and lived abroad in Canada, UK and the Middle East. I’m all about experiencing what life has to offer, whatever form that may take.

Ultimately, what I thrive on is something I have been doing since I was very young.. I just didn’t know I could do it as ‘job’ per-say. That’s “Life Coaching” people to be the best people they can be. I consider myself to be a coach and a cheerleader. I love seeing people succeed, especially when they have worked so hard from the inside out to achieve what they desire.

It brings me such joy to pass on the knowledge I have to brainstorm, nut out, collaborate, help navigate & offer guidance to people who are genuinely looking for answers and are ready to face their fears and jump in… to turn their own lives into something awesome, fun, loving and creative. Something way better than blah, anxious, confused, run of the mill, or being just a follower of something or someone else.

I would love to work with you, to help you pave the way to create your most blissful, beautiful and fun-filled life!

My Education & Training (just to make it all legit!):

BA in Public Relations, Majoring in Journalism
Graduate Certificate in Counseling
Certificate IV in Holistic Life Coaching
Shoden: Reiki First Degree

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